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Gangster Las Vegas city chase


Expand your Mafia territory to the new Sin City. A whole new criminal world awaits you in Gangster Las Vegas city chase game. You have earned reputation of notorious gangster in Los Angles. It’s time to become the boss of open world mafia in Las Vegas; the city of lightening clubs & slots machine casino which is rich in money business. Vegas welcomes the mafia gangsters to melee attack the crowded dunes of Mojave Desert.After LA Bank Robbery crime; new criminal world is open to you. Start your career as underworld mafia with Gangster Las Vegas city chase. Take challenging crime missions; Rob the bank to steal cash and kill civilians for money & gold. Set your fear in the streets of new crime world, not showing mercy to anyone. Grab your knife and break into the automobile at the taxi park stand. Show your car racing skills to escape cops and avoid hitting super bikes on the crowded roads. Take out your guns and start shooting to escape the police car chase. Shoot & kill the civilians to steal money and grab their autos. Be a rush driver in city traffic and escape from the police attack. Drive to some safe place; parking your vehicle there.
You are the most wanted criminal accused of bank robbery and LA police is in chase of you. A best villain of criminal gang is very dangerous as it trigger the rage of Vegas Police. So get ready for an action packed car driving with furious shooting and killing. Snatch a knife and cars from a civilian and shoot down the chasing cops. Kill bankers to steal cash; Non-stop shooting and rob gold from civilians at petrol pump. Show car racer skills and getaway from racing police cars. Civilians have to save themselves from the real gangster of the underworld mafia gang at your place.
Features:10 thrilling action packed gang war missionsCar racing & driving with realistic vehicle physicsDeadly crime mafia shooting & Killing objectivesReal city environment with gangster / thug lifestyle